Sites of Interest

  • Presentation on “Peak Oil”
    For those who wants to know more about peak oil, our site admin has previously prepared a presentation on the subject. (Please note that the file is 3.5MB and may take some time to download).
  • Solaris Energy Systems
    Turn your home into a solar home with our help. Reliable and advanced solar technology for water/space heating, ventilation systems and photovoltaic electricity generation provides us with the opportunity to generate free & clean energy.
  • Chimney Balloon
    A chimney balloon saves you energy and money by preventing heat going up, and cold air coming down your chimney. Chimney balloons are a simple, easy way to stop heat loss and chimney draughts. In effect, a chimney balloon acts as double glazing for your chimney.
  • Transition Town Kinsale
    Working Today for a sustainable tomorrow.
  • Alternative Heating and Cooling Ltd
    We offer efficient solutions for heating and cooling loads, whether domestic, commercial or industrial applications.
  • SmartHeat
    Smartheat is an innovative company offering environmentally friendly Heating Solutions. Smartheat are suppliers of Wood Pellet Stoves; Wood Pellet Boilers; Solar Panels and Wood Pellet Fuel, they also provide BER Assessments .
  • Insight Energy
    Insight Energy provides effective energy-saving solutions to businesses and consumers in Ireland. We reduce costs for our customers by identifying and installing energy-saving technologies that provide the best payback over time. Insight supplies Energy Monitoring and LED Lighting products and also provides Energy Auditing and Consultancy Services.
    Carbon Footprint Calculator
    The calculator, which uses government-recognised data, allows people to work out either their own carbon footprint or that of their household by answering questions about their energy use and travel habits.
    As well as providing an estimate of how many tonnes of CO2 the individual or household is responsible for emitting each year, it also produces a personalised action plan advising people about what steps they can take to cut their emissions.
  • World of Renewables
  • Ireland’s premier online petrol and diesel price guide
  • Great Website where you can purchase a large variety of energy saving products
  • Solar Panels in Cardiff – WDS Green Energy Leading supplier and installer of solar panels and heat pumps in Cardiff, Wales. Also install heat pumps and underfloor heating.
  • Chimney Safe is a newly invented product that automates the cleaning of your chimney leaving it clean and safe on an ongoing basis.