This site has been launched to give everyone the ability to communicate energy-related issues and give and receive advice to others around the country. We hope you use the forum and ask any questions related to Energy Saving Products and Services etc. Joining and using  the forum is free. This site is run by Tim Hehir. Tim is a Chartered Engineer, Certified Energy Manager and SEAI registered BER assessor.  We at AskAboutEnergy are passionate about the importance of Energy Conservation and Efficiency and recognise the need to substitute non-renewable energy sources with sustainable energy. This is not just a noble aspiration but an absolute necessity, if the global economy is to continue to function effectively as the reserves of non-renewable energy sources are depleted and become more difficult and costly to extract. The remaining reserves need to be used as efficiently as possible, to give time for sustainable energy to be developed to the extent where non-renewable energy sources can be phased out. This is arguably the greatest challenge facing the global economy today. See Contact page for further information.